Forum Digest (June 2022)

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Here are some notable threads on the WCA forum in the first half of 2022.

New Competitors should have extra time to register
The community explains their experience regarding registering for competitions that fill up fast due to high demand and do not have extra time provision. Community members promote alternative ideas for registration, including allowing first time competitors priority or addressing the demand with more series competitions.

WCA Hall of Fame proposal
This is a proposed idea for having diplomas handed out to eminent and well accomplished cubers which include the cuber’s full list of achievements. This thread discusses whether currently active cubers should be included.

Sum of Ranks to win a competition
This thread proposes memory sports like result declaration where the competitor who gets the fastest results in many events, should be declared the overall winner of the competition.

Adding Team BLD as a WCA event
This thread discusses the logistical issues with adding team BLD as an event. It would be the first team event in the WCA. The main concerns are how to ensure anti-cheating protocols and competitor pairing/ranking.

Regulation changes effective from 1st June 2022
The regulation change now implies that competitions do not need to have a mandatory Competitors Waiting Area. The safety rules restrictions at the competitions have also been relaxed by dropping article Y about temporary COVID regulations.

2022 WR Summary
A total of 20 World Records were broken in the first half of 2022, with Max Park breaking 9 of those! A total of 13 World Records stand currently. Congrats to Max Park, Patrick Ponce, Zayn Khanani, Max Siauw, Sameer Agarwal, David Epstein, Jasper Murray, Simon Kellum, Juan Pablo Huanqui and Tommy Cherry.

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