Regional Organizations

The WCA acknowledges the following Regional Organizations:

How to become an acknowledged WCA Regional Organization

The WCA recognizes various Regional Organizations worldwide. The purpose of a WCA Regional Organization is to organize WCA Competitions and support the WCA’s activities in the region. Countries wishing to form a Regional Organization are encouraged to contribute to the WCA in their area before submitting their application. For help organizing a WCA competition in your area, please contact your nearest WCA Delegate.

Requirements for WCA Regional Organizations

  1. To actively organize or support WCA Competitions in the region of the organization
  2. To contribute to the Continental WCA Competitions that are held in the continent of the Regional Organization, if required by the corresponding Organization Team
  3. To respect and operationalize the Objectives set out in the WCA Bylaws and Motions
  4. To comply with all applicable WCA Regulations
  5. To accept and comply with decisions of WCA Staff
  6. To keep on file at the WCA a copy of its current bylaws and, if applicable, regulations in an electronic format

Application Instructions

To apply for acknowledgment, please fill out this form.

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