Woodberry Forest School Cubing 2019

Apr 7, 2019
Woodberry Forest, Virginia, United States

Woodberry Forest School

898 Woodberry Forest Rd, Woodberry Forest, VA 22989

Barbee Center



William Xie
WCA Delegates
Corey Sakowski and Keaton Ellis
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We will sell different types of pizzas and soft drinks at the competition! We do not make a profit from the competition or the lunch. See you at Woodberry in spring!

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Keaton Ellis won with an average of 8.21 seconds in the 3x3x3 Cube event. Tanzer Balimtas finished second (8.24) and Deniz Atak finished third (9.27).

3x3x3 Cube

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Keaton Ellis 7.52 8.21 United States 7.529.537.797.849.00
2 Tanzer Balimtas 7.36 8.24 United States 8.148.417.368.189.22
3 Deniz Atak 8.48 9.27 United States 8.4810.708.739.459.64

2x2x2 Cube

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Zayn Khanani 1.03 1.81 United States 1.311.863.492.271.03
2 Michael Nielsen 1.58 1.99 United States 1.581.962.121.88DNF
3 Daniel Greigg 2.10 2.90 United States 4.232.793.282.632.10

4x4x4 Cube

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Keaton Ellis 30.28 32.92 United States 34.3331.6630.2836.8932.77
2 Ari Randers-Pehrson 27.48 34.37 United States 33.7137.0738.3327.4832.34
3 Tanzer Balimtas 33.44 34.80 United States 34.9536.6835.3234.1233.44

5x5x5 Cube

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Keaton Ellis 55.82 1:04.53 United States 1:05.5055.821:07.401:06.541:01.54
2 Ari Randers-Pehrson 1:03.44 1:09.80 United States 1:06.541:10.431:27.491:12.431:03.44
3 Tanzer Balimtas 1:04.46 1:10.79 United States 1:12.161:08.911:11.291:04.461:17.39

6x6x6 Cube

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Keaton Ellis 1:46.37 1:52.78 United States 1:55.461:56.511:46.37
2 Noah Blevins 2:12.03 2:14.69 United States 2:15.622:12.032:16.42
3 Ari Randers-Pehrson 2:21.56 2:27.75 United States 2:21.562:29.982:31.72


# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Michael Nielsen 2.55 3.11 United States 3.583.074.962.692.55
2 William Klauer 3.77 4.68 United States 4.364.823.776.854.85
3 Catherine Trace 3.53 5.11 United States 4.865.703.534.767.11
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